Socomec NETYS PL, 600 and 800 VA

User-friendly multi-socket protection.
Single/single phase UPS from 600 and 800 VA.
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UPS Capacity:

1) less than 1 kVA

UPS Product Type:


The solution for:
• PC: LCD or CRT monitors, scanners, printers, etc.
• Cash registers.
• Interactive terminals.


An innovative solution and superior design:
• Compact and practical pluggable power protection integrating a larger number of sockets adapted to computer and IT peripherals in small office and home office environments, facilitating connection and tidier cabling.
• Modern design suitable for positioning over/under the desk or floor installations.
• Complementary USB port on the top for recharging mobile devices (e.g. phones, MP3, etc.).


Easy to use:
• Operating mode indicated by means of the smart LED indicator lights.
• Easy battery maintenance and replacement.
• Integrated mains input cable on the side, allowing all six sockets to be used.


Adapted protection to meet all your needs:
6 output sockets (British, French or German/Italian standards) for easy distribution directly to your applications:
– 4 sockets protected against power cuts and overvoltages, aimed at your most sensitive applications (professional desk top systems, workstation and monitors). The back-up time (up to 30 minutes) enables standard PC tasks and configuration to be saved.
– 2 sockets protected against overvoltage alone for use with less critical applications and high absorption consumers (e.g. laser printers).


UPS Model Dimensions (WxHxD) Weight Back-up time
Netys PL, 600 220 x 123 x 220 mm 3.6 kg 15 min
Netys PL, 800 220 x 123 x 220 mm 4.1 kg 20 min


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UPS Capacity

1) less than 1 kVA

UPS Product Type