Our company, structured appropriately in well organized departments, recruited and equipped in the most advanced manner to target direct and responsible customer service.

Our corporate philosophy focuses primarily on the service of the equipment, thereby ensuring the right performance, undisrupted functioning and extension of the life span of the system.

Equipped with high-technology electronic equipment and tools and operating a fleet of service vehicles our engineers provide service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including bank holidays, throughout Greece, since our company holds local offices and engineers as well as an expanded network of local representatives.

Headquarters: Athens.

Main Service Centers: Athens, Salonica, Ioannina, Patra and Heraclion of Crete.

Warehouse Centers: Athens and Salonica.

Laboratoty Centers: Athens and Salonica.

The above organization of our company, allows the direct intervention for solution of any possible technical issues or rectification of any malfunction.

For this purpose our company:

• Has recruited Qualified Engineers,specially trained inside the factories represented by our company, in order to offer full technical support to clients during studies, installation and after-sales.

• Our engineers have formal authorization from the manufacturers, to install and commission the equipment, perform diagnosis and troubleshooting of any possible malfunction.

• Operates a 24-hour Help Desk providing full phone technical support and first level assistance.

• Holds adequate spare-parts stock for the immediate restoration of any malfunctioning component of the system.

For technical support contact us Now!: