AccuLine TNplus 1000 – 3000 VA

AccuLine TNplus UPS systems, with double conversion online topology, are top-performance UPS systems of significant reliability, suitable for supporting sensitive equipment that requires continuous, high-quality power supply. With an input power factor that exceeds 99% and an output power factor (cosφ) up to 0,9, provide stable voltage and frequency at their outputs, without fluctuations or distortions of operational characteristics. Furthermore, models with an “S” following their model number, provide the option of additional back-up time by connecting external battery cabinet to them.
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TN plus

UPS Capacity:

2) From 1 – 20 kVA


• Wide range input voltage fluctuation tolerance.
• DSP technology (Digital Signal Processing) that secures ideal operating conditions for the supported equipment.
• ECO Mode (High Efficiency mode).
• Output voltage and frequency regulation.
• Protection from dips, over-voltages, overcharge, short-circuits and power cuts.
• Auto self-testing system.
• USB port for computer connection.
• Management Software for UPS / Battery monitoring & auto-shutdown.
• Temperature compensation charger.
• SNMP card / AS400 (Relay card) / Modbus-Jbus slot.
• Emergency Power Off (EPO).
• LCD screen display.
• User friendly connection / installation.
• Schuko outlets (1KVA:3 outlets, 2-3KVA: 4 outlets).
• Low noise level.
• Fan speed control to minimize operation noise.
• 24-month Warranty period covering UPS unit and internal Batteries.


(The letter “Lm” in the model designation indicates UPS without internal batteries and a built-in charger capable of supporting the connection of many external batteries for really large autonomies).


UPS Model Dimensions (WxHxD) Weight Back-up time
TNplus 1000 144 x 229 x 345 mm 9.4 kg 5 min
TNplus 1000Lm 102 x 228 x 352 mm 3.76 kg N/A
TNplus 2000 190 x 330 x 393 mm 17 kg 5 min
TNplus 2000Lm 102 x 327 x 396 mm 6.00 kg N/A
TNplus 3000 190 x 330 x 393 mm 22.2 kg 5 min
TNplus 3000Lm 102 x 327 x 396 mm 6.08 kg N/A





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UPS Manufacturer


UPS Product Type

UPS Series

TN plus

UPS Capacity

2) From 1 – 20 kVA