Liebert HPF, Self-Contained Air Conditioner

Liebert® HPF represents the most complete indoor self-contained cooling system specifically designed to control the environmental conditions of technological or industrial rooms as well as of Telecom network sites.


Coolant Capacity:

1) 5 – 100 kW

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Liebert HPF is an extremely flexible unit available in different airflow versions: downflow, upflow or displacement air delivery.


  • 48V DC Power Supply for High Availability: 48V DC power supply guaranteeing emergency coolingand specifically addressing the needs of Telecom enclosures.
  • Smart Control Guaranteeing Efficient Unit Regulation: Team-working with up to 16 units exploits the benefitsof standby, rotation and cascade modes. Optional graphic display stores the last 200 events, thus enhancing data collection functions.
  • Evaporator Fan with Optional EC Fan for Higher Energy Efficiency: High External Static Pressure (ESP) for superior adaption to different layouts and site applications. The new generation of EC fans installed in the Liebert HPF dramatically increases overall unit efficiency.
  • Compressor with Cooling Capacity Modulation: Precisely matches heat load and saves energy. Compressor’s modulating capacity and the electronic expansion valve allow continuous cooling availability thus ensuring precise control of room temperature.
  • Remote Monitoring Option For Real-Time Infrastructure Optimization: Hirolink-i Communication Interface option provides Liebert HPF with Infrastructure Management enablement (Trellis™, Liebert® SiteScan,Liebert® Nform, LIFE™) as well as third-party customer protocols compatibility; such as MODBUS, SNMP, BACNET. The interface employs Ethernet, RS-485 and MSTP networks to monitor and manage a wide range of operating parameters, alarms and notifications.thus ensuring precise control of room temperature.
  • Three Airflow Distributions Available Providing Cold Air Where Needed: Liebert HPF is an extremely flexible unit available in different airflow versions making it an ideal system for the most diverse site layouts: upflow, downflow or displacement.



  • Compact & Easy to Install Solution with R410A Refrigerant Included
  • Freecooling System Minimizing Operating Costs: Our solution provides enhanced energy savings with direct freecooling through the use of outside cold air as a main source of cooling.
  • Fast and easy installation. All components easily accessible from the front for simplified maintenance and service. Service delivered by factory trained technicians guaranteeing 24/7 technical support.



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Coolant Capacity

1) 5 – 100 kW