Socomec DIRIS Q800

The DIRIS Q800 is a multifunction network analyser for all energy efficiency projects. It helps to actively ensure the electrical system runs continuously and at optimised rates.
As such, with this system you can:
• Improve the efficiency of your facility.
• Reduce production losses.
• Optimise running costs.
• Reduce maintenance costs.
To achieve these objectives, the DIRIS Q800 does the following:
• Measures electrical parameters and status (via auxiliary contacts).
• Analyses the quality of energy according to class A IEC 61000-4-30.
• Measures differential current.
• GPS synchronisation.



  • Large colour touchscreen:
    The 192 x 144 mm color touchscreen is tactile, easy to operate and provides intuitive navigation.

  • Regulatory compliance:
    By its compliance with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A and IEC 62586-2 , you have the assurance of a certified and high quality product.

  • Multiple communication channels:
    With its multiple communication options, the DIRIS Q800 can be integrated into any type of communication infrastructure:
    – 1 rear Ethernet port for permanent cable connection.
    – 1 front Ethernet for local diagnostics.
    – 1 Wifi port.
    – 1 RS485 port.
    – 1 USB port.
    – GPS synchronisation.
    – Built-in Webserver.
    – Protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, NTP, MODBUS, PQDIF.



Brief Information