Socomec DIRIS A-14

The DIRIS A14 is an MID approved multifunction meter – for measuring electrical values in low voltage networks.It allows all electrical parameters to be displayed and utilised for communication and/or output functions.



  • Single phase and three phase MID certified:
    DIRIS A14 products with MID certification provide the guaranteed accuracy required for applications in which sub-billing of the electrical energy consumed is necessary,
    whether on a three-phase or single-phase network. “Module B+D” certification guarantees that the design and manufacturing process of products are approved by an accredited laboratory.

  • Bi-directional metering (four quadrants):
    This function is for metering energy production or energy consumption.

  • Multi-measurement and load curve:
    Display of electrical values (I, U, V, ΣP, ΣQ, ΣS, PF) and P+ load curve over a 7 day period via communication.

  • IEC 61557-12 measuring method:
    IEC 61557-12 is a high-level standard covering all PMDs (Performance Monitoring Devices). By using the measuring method of IEC 61557-12 ensures a high level of equipment performance, in terms of metrology..

  • Detection of connection errors:
    The product is protected against phase/neutral inversion and detects wiring errors. The power supply internally derived from the voltage connections ensures realtime MID counting as soon as the mains voltage is present.



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