Socomec DIRIS G

With communication gateways DIRIS G all the information from meters and power monitors, communicating by radio frequency or RS485, is centralized and made available on the Ethernet Modbus (TCP).
DIRIS G gateways can retrieve data from meters or Socomec remote measuring points via Ethernet.
The gateway has an embedded WEBVIEW web server, allowing real time monitoring of electrical values and analysis of consumption data. The user can be alerted of any alarms via email.



  • WEBVIEW embedded web server:DIRIS G gateways include an embedded webserver. Two versions are available:
    • Power Monitoring:
    – Realtime measurements and alerts.
    • Power & Energy Monitoring:
    – Realtime measurements and alerts.
    – Trends for selected parameters and energy consumption history and analysis..

  • Scalable:Several optional modules are available:
    • Digital inputs/outputs.
    • Analog inputs/outputs.
    • Temperature inputs.

  • Plug & Play:
    • Connected metering and measurement devices are automatically addressed and detected by the DIRIS G gateway. These integrate the following:
    – Automatic time synchronisation (SNTP) with battery recording.
    – Synchronisation of connected devices.
    – Warning messages in the event of an alert (e-mail SMTP).
    – Automatic recording and storage of measurements and consumption data.
    – Automatic tariff changes (multi-tariff).
    • Data exported automatically via FTP server.



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