Socomec Countis E2x

As your first step towards saving energy, energy meters can do so much more than simply provide consumption readings.They now deliver highly accurate measurements along with other electrical parameters essential for managing your energy costs.
Use COUNTIS E1x meters with COUNTIS ECi pulse concentrators and energy management software from Socomec,and you have a complete system that centralises and makes it easier to track your consumption.



The COUNTIS E2x is a modular active electrical energy meter displaying the energy and power consumed (kWh and kW). It is designed for three-phase networks and allows a direct connection of up to 63/80 A.



  • RS485 (MODBUS), M-BUS, Ethernet communication or pulse outputs:
    To easily centralise your consumption, COUNTIS E2x devices have either one pulse output, one RS485 (MODBUS), M-BUS or an Ethernet Modbus TCP communication output. With RS485 communication models, you can configure your meters remotely.

  • Multi-tariff:
    Lets you assign different time slots (every hour, dip times) or different sources (normal, back-up) to your energy readings to monitor your energy consumption in more detail.

  • Guaranteed connection (E20/21):
    The product is protected against phase/neutral inversion and detects wiring errors. This makes it easier to start up, ensures the device is functioning properly and reduces the cost of the installation.

  • MID certified B+D module:
    COUNTIS E units comply with the MID directive to guarantee accuracy and reliability when metering, compulsory for energy billing applications. “Module B+D” certification guarantees that the design and manufacturing process of products are approved by an accredited laboratory.


Model Model-related specifications
E20 Pulse output.
E21 Dual tariff (2 partial indices) + pulse output.
E22 Dual tariff + pulse output + MID.
E23 Dual tariff + pulse output + MODBUS RS485 communication.
E24 Dual tariff + pulse output + MODBUS RS485 communication + MID.
E25 Dual tariff + pulse output + M-BUS communication.
E26 Dual tariff+ pulse output + M-BUS communication + MID.
E27 Dual tariff + Ethernet.
E28 Dual tariff + Ethernet + MID.



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