Socomec DIRIS Digiware Idc

“DIRIS Digiware Idc modules measure consumption and monitor the DC electrical installation. Several Idc modules can be used within the same system, allowing the measurement of a large number of DC circuits. They are associated with DIRIS Digiware Udc voltage measurement modules.
Direct current is measured using external sensors connected by RJ12-Molex cables, available in multiple lengths. These cables are colour coded (brown, orange, white) to easily identify circuits.
The associated DIRIS Digiware D screen and the embedded webserver Webview can display electrical measurements from both DIRIS Digiware AC and DC systems simultaneously.



  • Multi-circuit:
    • Measurement of up to 3 DC circuits per Idc module.
    • Multiple Idc modules can be included. This allows the measurement of a large number of DC loads simultaneously.

  • Flexible:
    • Adapted to suit metering and qualityanalysis of the direct current.
    • A complete range of solid core and split core DC current sensors from 50 to 5000 A.

  • Plug & Play:
    • Quick RJ45 connection between modules and RJ12-Molex to current sensors.
    • Easy to configure from DIRIS Digiware D interfaces or from the Easy Config software.

  • Compact:
    • One module wide to address space constraints inside electrical panels.



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