Socomec DIRIS Digiware IΟ

• DIRIS Digiware IO-10 modules have 4 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs.
The 4 digital inputs can be used to monitor the status of protection devices and withdrawable drawers (ON/OFF, trip counter) or to collect pulses from multi-fluid meters.
The 2 digital outputs allow the remote control of switching devices by sending a binary output signal. Alarms can be configured and assigned to the digital outputs.
• Thanks to their 2 analog inputs, DIRIS Digiware IO-20 modules can collect the data from analog sensors (pressure, humidity, temperature…).
All the information reported by the IO-10 and IO-20 modules can be viewed on DIRIS Digiware D-xx displays and on Webview, the web server embedded in DIRIS G gateways and in the DIRIS Digiware D-70 display unit.



  • Multifunction:
    The combination of voltage measuring modules, current measuring modules, and input/output modules makes DIRIS Digiware a complete and versatile system.

  • Connected:
    All the reported information is accessible from the displays, from Webview or any other centralized management software.

  • Plug & Play:
    The IO modules can be easily added anywhere within the measurement system thanks to a quick RJ45 connection.

  • Compact:
    The modular format allows the quick connection of a large number of IO-10 and IO-20 modules.


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