Knürr Elicon®

Knürr Elicon® – Modular Workstation Systems. Whether used in video surveillance, on the trading floor, in engineering or in an electronics lab – our comprehensive product range offers optimal solutions for a customized and ergonomic workstation.



  • The modular workstation system for cost-optimized installation options.
  • The Knürr Elicon workstation range complies with all current EU guidelines for safety in the workplace for office and monitor workstations. The basic modular concept enables flexible and individual combinations. Knürr Elicon consequently provides all the advantages of a forwardthinking end-to-end system.
  • The requirements for modern workstation designs are constantly increasing. And regardless of “where” you work, whether it is in a call centre, a security control station, at an electronics or programmer workstation or computer control station, the decisive criteria here is always “how”.
    The optimal design of the working environment and this is increasingly more evident enhances the motivation and efficiency of every individual employee. Because corporate success can only be truly realised when functionality and flexibility, quality and safety, timeless design and, needless to say, erogonomics result in a successfully implemented synthesis. Knürr workstation systems have proven to be a crucial contribution in this respect.



  • Flexible working heights – Im Working heights optionally adjustable at 20 mm increments.
  • Cable management – Spacious horizontal and vertical cable ducts.


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