Knürr Elicon® VC / VC-E

Knürr Elicon® VC/VC-E – Height-selectable and electrically height adjustable consoles for best ergonomics and operator efficency. The modular design allows a wide range of configurations and ensures maximum flexibility. Console elements can be retrofitted and upgraded at any time to stay future-proof. High-quality materials like aluminum die-cast profiles guarantee maximum stability and durability.



  • Frame widths from 1200 mm to 2000 mm.
  • DIN EN ISO 11064: Ergonomic design of control centers.
  • DIN EN 527: Defines workstation types with minimum requirements for range of settings.
  • Certified usability and ergonomics based on DIN 33419 / EN ISO 15537.
  • Simple height adjustment for working levels, with memory function (standard for VC-E).
  • Simple chain-linking of electrically adjustable (VC-E) and height selectable (VC) consoles.
  • Generous cable troughs to accommodate socket strips, KVM switches, cables etc.
  • Expand your existing table combinations, modify your current installation or supplement it with new accessories. The modular design and multi-functional T-grooves give you all the options for future upgrades.



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