Knürr Dacobas® Advanced

Knürr Dacobas® Advanced is available with a straight or a lowered worktop and has specially designed perforations for silent passive ventilation. The sheet steel basic frame provides highest stability and forms an integrated technical pedestal. You can choose from several worktop depths, all versions are prepared for convenient cable management. Dacobas Advanced fulfills all relevant standards and is future proof grace to the modular design. Orders are shipped flat packed for safe trasportaion and quick and easy assembly.


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Knürr Dacobas® Advanced – technical solutions for all requirements:


  • Straight or lowered worktop.
  • Silent, passive ventilation.
  • Several worktop depths.
  • Highest stability.
  • Integrated technical pedestal.
  • Convenient cable management.
  • Ships flat packed for safe transportation.
  • Quick and easy to assemble.
  • Future proof modularity.

    The console is used in the following areas: Monitoring and control centers, command and control rooms, security and rescue centers.



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