Liebert GXT4, 5000 – 10000 RT230E

Liebert GXT4™ is a true on-line UPS that delivers continuous, high-quality AC power to IT equipment with no break when transferring to battery. It protects equipment from virtually all power disturbances due to blackouts, brownouts, sags, surges or noise interference. For robust protection from 5000-10000 VA, these Liebert GXT4 UPS models provide industry leading features in a compact design.

UPS Manufacturer:


UPS Series:


UPS Product Type:

UPS Capacity:

2) From 1 – 20 kVA

Rack Height in U:

18) 5U, 19) 6U


Single phase UPS with on-line double conversion technology, making it ideal for protecting critical IT loads such as VoIP and PoE which demand continuous high-quality AC power in restricted spaces.


The solution for:

• Banking.
• Financial and Insurance.
• Education.
• Government.
• Manufacturing.
• Military.
• Healthcare.
• Professional Services.
• Retail and Wholesale.



UPS Model Dimensions (WxHxD) Rack Size Weight
Liebert GXT4-5000RT230E 430 x 217 x 574 mm 5U 60 kg
Liebert GXT4-6000RT230E 430 x 217 x 574 mm 5U 60 kg
Liebert GXT4-10000RT230E 430 x 261 x 581 mm 6U 70 kg



Brief Information

UPS Manufacturer


UPS Series


UPS Product Type

UPS Capacity

2) From 1 – 20 kVA

Rack Height in U

18) 5U, 19) 6U