Liebert 80-eXL TR, 30-80 kVA

Secure power and maximized energy quality for railway applications. Based on a product platform with a wide installed base, the new Liebert 30/40/60/80-eXL TR are a monolithic products that combines a modern transformer free design with an innovative state-of-the-art three-level topology full IGBT rectifier able to provide clean and reliable power from overhead contact lines and catenary sources.

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UPS Capacity:

3) From 21 – 90 kVA

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Liebert 80-eXL Traction Rectifier (TR) is the innovative solution for railway applications based on Liebert EXL UPS. It is specifically designed to deliver continuous, safe and high quality power under the most severe conditions to always protect rail network critical loads. Liebert 80-eXL TR features a fully integrated energy management system with priority based source selection which optimizes operation costs while ensuring maximum availability. Thanks to the innovative IGBT rectifier control, Liebert 80-eXL TR is able to maximize battery life, filtering out all catenary disturbances thus optimizing the overall total cost of ownership. Furthermore, its unique design allows for easy and concurrent serviceability still maintaining the highest reliability levels on the market.


The solution for:
• Transportation.


UPS Model Dimensions(WxHxD) Weight
Liebert 80-eXL TR, 30 kVA 1000 x 1950 x 900 mm 670 kg
Liebert 80-eXL TR, 40 kVA 1000 x 1950 x 900 mm 670 kg
Liebert 80-eXL TR, 60 kVA 1000 x 1950 x 900 mm 670 kg
Liebert 80-eXL TR, 80 kVA 1000 x 1950 x 900 mm 670 kg




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UPS Manufacturer


UPS Series


UPS Capacity

3) From 21 – 90 kVA

UPS Product Type