Socomec EMergency CPSS, 160-200 kVA (Delphys)

The EMergency CPSS range has been designed to answer your needs in terms of power supply for your safety system.
All our EMergency products are compliant with standard EN 50171.
The EMergency CPSS products are intended to ensure energy supply to emergency escape lighting in the event of mains supply failure. Depending on the local legislation, it may be suitable for energizing other essential safety equipment, such as:
• electric circuits of automatic fire extinguishing installations.
• paging systems and signaling safety installations.
• smoke extraction equipment.
• carbon monoxide warning systems.
• special safety installations related to specific buildings, e.g. high-risk areas.
The wide range is suitable for all standard needs. For non-standard requests, our team of experts is on hand to adapt the products to your needs.
UPS Manufacturer:


UPS Capacity:

4) From 91 – 250 kVA

UPS Series:


UPS Product Type:


The solution for:

• Airports.
• Railways and bus stations.
• Schools and universities.
• Hospitals.
• Shopping centers.
• Cinemas and theatres.
• Museums.
• Public buildings.
• Office buildings.
• Hotels.


Standard features
• IP20 metal enclosure compliant with EN60598-1.
• Battery charging: 80% in 12 hours.
• Battery protection against the damage due to a polarity inversion.
• Battery protection against deep discharge.
• Long life battery with 10 years-life expectancy.
• Designed to withstand 120% of the nominal charge during the entire back-up period.
• Specific dry contacts & monitoring for EMergency system.


• Transformer embedded in the UPS enclosure (contact us for further information).
• Connection to downstream IT earthing system.
• Eco mode to reach up to 98% of efficiency.
• Other types battery available.


UPS Model Dimensions (WxHxD) Weight
EMergency CPSS, Delphys 160 700 x 1930 x 800 mm 480kg
EMergency CPSS, Delphys 200 700 x 1930 x 800 mm 500kg





Brief Information

UPS Manufacturer


UPS Capacity

4) From 91 – 250 kVA

UPS Series


UPS Product Type