Liebert AFC, Adiabatic Freecooling Chillers

Liebert AFC combines the outstanding levels of energy efficiency allowed by freecooling together with the endless availability guaranteed by the compressor back up (available both with multi-scroll or screw compressors) and the highly efficient adiabatic wet pad system. The latter humidifies the air entering the freecooling and condensing coils, consequently increasing freecooling operation. The unit is thus designed to guarantee 100% cooling availability even under the most critical conditions.


  • Integrated Adiabatic System: Highly efficient adiabatic wet pads humidify air entering the freecooling and condensing coils, thus increasing the freecooling chiller system operation and mechanical efficiency.
  • Supersaver: The Supersaver is the software logic embedded in the iCOMTM Control leveraging on the communication with floor mount units to maximize efficiency at system level.
  • Fast Start Ramp: Fast recovery capacity: the unit ensures the re-establishment of the full cooling capacity in 70 seconds, following a power restart. The control remains operative without the need of an external single phase power supply.
  • New iCOM 7’’ Touch Display: The iCOM Control ensures the intelligent management of units within the dynamic data center environment, while the innovative 7” touch screen display presents advanced graphic functions.
  • New Generation EC Fans: The new generation super silent EC fans dramatically reduce the noise levels and increase the overall unit efficiency.
  • Electronic Expansion Valve: Minimizes condensing pressure to reduce compressors’ power consumption thus achieving high efficiency levels.
  • Microchannel Condensing Coil: The full aluminum fan coil ensures extreme efficiency levels during the mechanical cooling mode and minimizes the refrigerant charge.



  • Significant annual efficiency levels deliver a pPUE of 1.08.
  • Grants continuous cooling availability in case of water shortages, extreme ambient temperatures and unstable power supply.
  • Optimizes efficiency levels of data center applications including Liebert PCW and SmartAisleTM Containment.